The Teme is one of the most beautiful rivers in the United Kingdom. It flows between some of our most spectacular landscapes in a catchment area of over 1,700km2. It is home to some of our most iconic species such as the Otter, Dipper and Kingfisher and home to the internationally important Fresh Water Pearl Mussel. Its flowing waters support Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout and Native Crayfish. But it’s not all good news. Like all rivers the Teme and its brooks and stream are under increasing pressure. Intensive agriculture, sewage, invasive species and sometimes just neglect and ignorance have all taken their toll.

The Teme Catchment Partnership is working to bring a wide range of partners together across the catchment to try to achieve the vision of ‘Healthy functioning rivers flowing through a balanced living landscape, cherished by all in the Teme Catchment’. A lot of work is already being done to try to improve water quality and wildlife habitats in and around the river. A Catchment Management Plan has been created by the partnership and involved a number of workshops asking local people what they felt were the problems affecting rivers and streams in the catchments and ways to solve these issues. The Plan sets out what some of the issues are, what is already happening and what more could be done. This is just the start of a process to involve individuals, communities, organisations, companies and farmers and landowners in working together to improve our rivers.

Through collaborative working our aim together is to restore, protect and sustain a healthy river system within the Teme Catchment. We want everyone to value and enjoy the Teme, its brooks and streams and to understand their importance as a resource to people, farmers, business and wildlife in the Teme catchment. If you are interested in getting involved or would like to find out more, please leave a message on the contacts page.