• The Tanat Salmon Project will directly tackled habitat issues in the Afon Tanat and the Afon Cynllaith to benefit the migratory population of Atlantic salmon in the river. The population has greatly declined in recent years (EA report Salmon spawning report 2012 Afon Tanat, Cowley 2012) although the river remains one of the most important for this species in the Upper Severn.A Wild Trout Trust walkover survey of the river in 2005 indicated possible locations for practical work that would improve the diversity of the habitat. This was improved upon by a further survey in May 2011 which identified key locations for possible habitat improvement works within the Tanat Catchment. Based on these surveys the project is working largely on the middle reaches of the main Afon Tanat and the Afon Cynllaith.The project installed stock fencing to protect eroding banks and exclude stock where possible; the Tanat is a highly mobile river and flooding is a consistent pressure. Large woody debris and soft revetment also took place at key locations to protect bank structure and improve habitat for invertebrates and fish. Before 2005 some work was carried out in associated with the UTFC in an attempt to address issues of over-grazing and lack of riparian tree cover. The success of the former intervention can be seen in the lush tree growth, and the establishment of Water crowfoot Ranunculus spp, and hemlock water dropwort Oenanthe spp., alongside the enclosures. There is a need to increase this successful work to further protect what is one of the most important salmon rivers in the Upper Severn.

    Migrating salmon utilise a large length of Afon Tanat and Afon Cynllaith for spawning. These are important rivers for adults, parr and fry and the high flood risk and general flashy nature of the river provides a real need to ensure suitable diverse habitat is available. This project plans to improve a long length of river to enable an overall increase in the successful spawning and increase the population.


    • Install 3km of stock fencing at key locations throughout the catchment to reduce bank erosion and stock access
    • soft revetment and large woody debris at key locations
    • tree planting at key locations to reduce bank erosion and

    This project was funded by the SITA Enriching Nature Programme and Natural Resources Wales We would like to thank all of the landowners who are involved in this project. For more information please contact Mike Morris.