This new four year HLF funded project from the Severn Rivers Trust will bring together a diverse partnership to work alongside the Trust on the ecologically important River Teme and some of its tributaries.

The project will incorporate a number of initiatives including wildlife and habitat enhancement, water quality improvements and flood alleviation. Areas of vulnerable river will be fenced and revegetated in order to reduce sediment and nutrient pollution and allow banks to stabilise and be colonised by riparian plants. Invasive species will be targeted for removal as a priority. A significant amount of time will be spent engaging with schools and local communities that are linked together by the river. The project will allow people to engage with others throughout the catchment, to learn about the common points shared by those who live within the influence of the Teme. To achieve this the Severn Rivers Trust will provide training days, events and wider volunteer opportunities.


To further the connectivity of nature and people throughout the catchment a ‘Teme Valley Trail’ will be set up as part of this project. By improving and linking existing Rights of Way and roads we will allow locals and visitors to the area to walk the entire length of the main river, gain access to, and experience views over the stunning Teme valley

An Education Centre will be built alongside the Teme at the site of the new fish pass at Dinham Weir in the historic town of Ludlow. This purpose built venue will be a hub, creating a space for the whole community along the river to come together and inspire, share knowledge and experience.

The project will also create four ‘Trainee River Officer’ positions each year and further opportunities for volunteer ‘River Wardens’. The trainee positions will give the opportunity for budding ecologists/river conservationists to become fully trained in practical skills needed for river management, as well as gaining experience in education and liaison roles associated with the project. Additionally, a Community Engagement Officer will be employed to oversee the outreach works from the second year through to the end of the project.